konqueror not displaying all folders (edgy)

Nigel Ridley nigel at rmk.co.il
Fri Oct 27 18:00:58 UTC 2006

Paul Worrall wrote:
> On Friday 27 October 2006 07:47, Ian Rose wrote:
>> For some reason when using konqueror as a normal user in edgy, browsing
>> to / only displays TWO folders: "/home" and "/media". The other folders
>> ("/usr /bin /etc ...") are all there, but this bug prevents me from
>> seeing them. Has anybody else encountered this, or know of a fix?
> If a folder contains a file called ".hidden", and that file contains a list of 
> folder or file names, then konqueror treats those files/folders as hidden 
> also.  In edgy, there is such a file in the root folder (its actually a 
> symlink to /etc/kubuntu-default/settings/hidden-root). You can either choose 
> View -> Show Hidden Files, or edit/delete the above file.

I found it rather frustrating that the directories under / did not show 
up in the side pane (except for 'Root Folder', home and media) even with 
"Show hidden files' they were only visible in the main window and not in 
the side pane as a 'tree' that I was used to. So, I went to 
/etc/kubuntu-default/settings/hidden-root and renamed it to 
hidden-rootOLD (I opened konq using 'Alt F2' then typing in 'kdesu 
konqureror' - gave my password and then navigated to the offending file).
Now I can see all the tree structure as it _should_ be ;-)




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