Installing side by side with Win2k Pro

Jose Gomez-Dans jgomezdans at
Thu Oct 26 07:27:04 UTC 2006

Hi Earl,

On 10/26/06, Earl Violet <ejviolet at> wrote:
> I've done it several times with several Distros with no problem.
> Linux will overwrite the MBR and will give the option of booting into
> either. When I finally got another computer and Moved Kubuntu to a
> separate machine, I ran "fdisk /mbr" from a Win98 install floppy and
> all was back as normal.

The MBR was hosed. When Win2k found a new disk (hda->C:, hdb->E,
hdc->D/CDROM, hdd->new disk), it changed the names of the primary
slave and secondary master (my E: drive in Windows to D:, and my
CD-ROM to F:). In the process, the MBR took a gander down memory lane.

I have now removed the new kubuntu disk, and haven't tried with it on
yet, but I fear that I might run into trouble with win2k reassigning
drive names on the fly. That's what I meant by me wanting to have a
setup such that windows ignores the extra disk in all senses.

> Win2K will deny the existence of your ext3 partition. It won't even
> see it so you couldn't format it if you wanted to.

That was my previous experience. However, it has rearranged drive
names at will when a new disk was inserted.

 I guess this message has already turned into a Windows question, and
I veered off-topic. Apologies for that!

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