Installing side by side with Win2k Pro

Karl karlok at
Thu Oct 26 05:21:55 UTC 2006

Jose Gomez-Dans wrote:
> Hi!
> I want to install Kubuntu on a spare disk on my machine at work. The
> disk hangs off /dev/hdd, and it can all be used for kubuntu purposes.
> However, I would like to ensure that the Win2k disks are not touched
> at all. Not the MBR or anything at all. Ideally, when I restart
> kubuntu and take out a floppy disk, Win2k should use its own
> bootloader to silently proceed with booting up.Ubiquity does not let
> you not install grub in the MBR (and doesn't let you do a boot disk).
> Does anyone know how to create a bootdisk for Kubuntu?
> Moreover (and this is probably more a win2k question), I would like
> Win 2k not to even recognise the Kubuntu disk (which is ext3 anyway),
> and that it doesn't try to format it, or do strange things with it. Is
> there something that can be done for this?
> Cheers!
> jose
The alternate install CD gives you the option of installing grub to a 
floppy, leaving the MBR untouched.

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