Installing side by side with Win2k Pro

Jose Gomez-Dans jgomezdans at
Wed Oct 25 18:31:25 UTC 2006

I want to install Kubuntu on a spare disk on my machine at work. The
disk hangs off /dev/hdd, and it can all be used for kubuntu purposes.
However, I would like to ensure that the Win2k disks are not touched
at all. Not the MBR or anything at all. Ideally, when I restart
kubuntu and take out a floppy disk, Win2k should use its own
bootloader to silently proceed with booting up.Ubiquity does not let
you not install grub in the MBR (and doesn't let you do a boot disk).
Does anyone know how to create a bootdisk for Kubuntu?

Moreover (and this is probably more a win2k question), I would like
Win 2k not to even recognise the Kubuntu disk (which is ext3 anyway),
and that it doesn't try to format it, or do strange things with it. Is
there something that can be done for this?


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