Kubuntu instability...

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Tue Oct 24 03:50:00 UTC 2006

On Monday 23 October 2006 15:23, Branko Vukelic wrote:

> After a few months (actually, I think it was about half an year), I was up
> to my neck with various software I pulled off the repos, drivers, codecs.
> Ubuntu couldn't handle it any longer and broke down completely... I got
> frustrated trying to fix it and accidentally erased all my photos (wedding,
> kid's birth, everything)... So I finally gave Kubuntu a kick in the butt
> off my PC and switched to Slackware.

Wait, so you realize that you accidentally erasing your photos (without a 
backup?) has zero to do with the distro...And I have installed hundreds of 
things from repos, even went from Hoary to Edgy without a hiccup, so I would 
be suspicious of PEBKAC.

> But here in Kubuntu, system instability is a pain in the back. I have only
> installed a few things off unofficial repos (which are, however, mentioned
> in the wiki), but the system just isn't as snappy as an Arch fully loaded
> with codecs, apps and drivers. Moreover, I frequently experience unwanted
> and unexpected behavior from all apps that I use daily.

ALL apps? Dude, let's get with some facts, bug reports, SOMETHING. This whole 
thing is starting to sound like a rant without anything backing it up.

My Mom knits all day long and uses Kubuntu all night. She has nary a problem, 
and doesn't even know what a Home dir is...so...

> I don't have enough spare time to tweak the s**t out of a distro until it
> works as it should. Arch, for example, was quick to install and set up. And
> the pacman package manager pulled off the repo the stuff I needed and
> installed everything without an error... Every thing worked out of the box
> and even Compiz worked as per wiki directions. I was amazed by how much
> less effort it required compared to a Slackware, for example, or other
> immature distros out there. That ease of use far surpasses what Kubuntu was
> meant to achieve. The only thing I lacked in Arch was 16,000+ programs in
> the repos. :)

What are you talking about? Arch is okay, but how does it surpass (in actual 
words, not exclamations) Kubuntu, apt-get, aptitude and/or Synaptic. Please, 
let me know.

> So, I'm thinking of going back to Arch again if Kubuntu continues to behave
> badly as it does now. I just can't afford to spend so much time doing
> nothing but fixing the bits. But before I do, I'd like to give Kubuntu a
> benefit of a doubt. (Yeah, I am a bit sentimental when it comes to
> Kubuntu.)

How are you "fixing the bits"? From where I am standing, you don't seem to 
have diagnosed anything even enough to say what's wrong, let alone how to fix 

The ONE problem I have had on my ultra-tweaked, 
Kubuntu is in Dapper, Openoffice would crash when loading attachments from 
Kmail every time. And yes, I filed a bug report, it got fixed in Edgy.

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