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Daniel Pittman daniel at rimspace.net
Tue Oct 24 00:10:05 UTC 2006

Branko Vukelic <bg.branko at gmail.com> writes:

> This is not really a problem relating to anything in
> particular... It's more like my cumulative experience of using
> Kubuntu...


> But here in Kubuntu, system instability is a pain in the back. I have
> only installed a few things off unofficial repos (which are, however,
> mentioned in the wiki), but the system just isn't as snappy as an Arch
> fully loaded with codecs, apps and drivers. 

That is very odd, since the kernel and applications are pretty much
identical -- those codecs, apps and drivers just don't show up during
normal running other than as disk space used.

> Moreover, I frequently experience unwanted and unexpected behavior
> from all apps that I use daily.

That sounds terrible.  Have you reported these problems to anyone?
Filed bug reports?  

If your experience has been as bad as you say, and I see no reason to
believe you are making things up, then submitting bug reports will
really help Ubuntu.

Even if you don't care any more it would be really helpful to run
through and throw the top dozen -- or even the one or two from today --
into Launchpad.

That way the developers can actually identify the problems and try to
fix them so that other people don't have the same bad experiences.


> What are your experiences with Kubuntu? I would especially appreciate
> comments from those users that used or are using multiple distros. Is
> it really somewhat unstable, or I'm just not doing things right?

My experience across twenty-odd machines ranging from IBM workstations,
servers and laptops through to P2 and P3 machines built from whatever
junk was lying around is that KUbuntu is as reliable and as fast as KDE
anywhere else.[1]

This is reasonable, since the Ubuntu parts are not really anything but
some default settings and a few additional applications.  Their kernel,
KDE software and underlying infrastructure really doesn't differ that
much from anyone else.

So, yes, I am surprised that you had so much trouble and, especially,
that you report such a performance difference between Ubuntu and
anything else -- because it is difficult to understand where this
difference comes from.


[1]  A couple of the Ubuntu specific applications have had minor issues,
     such as their "System Settings" application not sensibly displaying
     scrollbars for control setting panes larger than the visible area.
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