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Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Mon Oct 23 21:54:54 UTC 2006

On Monday 23 October 2006 15:23, Branko Vukelic wrote:
>Hi list,
>This is not really a problem relating to anything in particular... It's
> more like my cumulative experience of using Kubuntu...
>I have used Ubuntu as my very first (excluding Red Hat that lived for 20
>minutes on my main disk a few years ago) linux experience. Love on first
>sight, I might add. Since then, everything but work is done under Linux
> in my house. :)
>After a while, I discovered the KDE, and all the wonders of an well
> organized and highly customizable desktop environment.
>After a few months (actually, I think it was about half an year), I was
> up to my neck with various software I pulled off the repos, drivers,
> codecs. Ubuntu couldn't handle it any longer and broke down
> completely... I got frustrated trying to fix it and accidentally erased
> all my photos (wedding, kid's birth, everything)... So I finally gave
> Kubuntu a kick in the butt off my PC and switched to Slackware.
>Meanwhile, search for the perfect distro continued leading me to Suse,
>Kanotix, ELive, Puppy, and Arch Linux. In Arch I found the stability and
> ease of use I was looking for...
>I used Arch for about six months, but found it difficult to have to
> compile less common pieces of software from scratch. I did enjoy it in
> Slackware, but I have a small kid and a job, so I can't spend so much
> time compiling stuff. So, here I was using Kubuntu again.
>But here in Kubuntu, system instability is a pain in the back. I have
> only installed a few things off unofficial repos (which are, however,
> mentioned in the wiki), but the system just isn't as snappy as an Arch
> fully loaded with codecs, apps and drivers. Moreover, I frequently
> experience unwanted and unexpected behavior from all apps that I use
> daily.
>Don't get me wrong. I'm not an average computer user (or at least I like
> to think I'm not). I'm not a geek either, but I like to fiddle with
> insides of a system when time permits. But this time, time is not
> something I have.
>I don't have enough spare time to tweak the s**t out of a distro until it
>works as it should. Arch, for example, was quick to install and set up.
> And the pacman package manager pulled off the repo the stuff I needed
> and installed everything without an error... Every thing worked out of
> the box and even Compiz worked as per wiki directions. I was amazed by
> how much less effort it required compared to a Slackware, for example,
> or other immature distros out there. That ease of use far surpasses what
> Kubuntu was meant to achieve. The only thing I lacked in Arch was
> 16,000+ programs in the repos. :)
>So, I'm thinking of going back to Arch again if Kubuntu continues to
> behave badly as it does now. I just can't afford to spend so much time
> doing nothing but fixing the bits. But before I do, I'd like to give
> Kubuntu a benefit of a doubt. (Yeah, I am a bit sentimental when it
> comes to Kubuntu.)
>What are your experiences with Kubuntu? I would especially appreciate
> comments from those users that used or are using multiple distros. Is it
> really somewhat unstable, or I'm just not doing things right?

I'm running (6.06) it on a machine whose main task is as a cnc controller, 
but within those limits I've also done anything else on it I needed, and 
some things just to see if I could. And its been 110% bulletproof so far.

Cheers, Gene
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