OOo Refuses to print in Dapper

Bry Melvin brymelvin at
Fri Oct 20 17:18:18 UTC 2006

Steven Pasternak <stevenp500 at> wrote: Rob Blomquist wrote:
> On Wednesday 18 October 2006 20:13, Steven Pasternak wrote:
>> Rob Blomquist wrote:
>> I rebooted before I sent the message. I know it isn't cups/the printer
>> because I installed kword and printed it out a minute ago (it's due
>> tomorrow!). It seems to be OOo, so what should I do?
> Yikes! With that dead line, I would copy/paste my document into KWord, and 
> crank it out! Then print it out there.
> Good luck!
> Good grief.
> Rob
Luckily, Kword reads .odt files, so I got it in. It still bugs me that 
OOo just stopped working.

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This is an Ubuntu bug?

If it it you could probably install the Generic version from,

I have done that on the computer that I use fro writing etc in OOorg, I'm still using breezy on that one.But it should be OK in Dapper.

If you want to revert to the repository version in your Dapper when it's fixed, just put the generic in your home directory.

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