Q: sshfs

D. R. Evans doc.evans at gmail.com
Thu Oct 19 13:06:56 UTC 2006

Another in my series of "this worked in Mdv but I can't get it to work
in Kubuntu" issues :-(

What do I need to do to get sshfs to work?

I have installed sshfs (and fuse).

[H:arris] sshfs modeler at modeler.arrisi.com: /home/n7dr/remote/arris/modeler
modeler at modeler.arrisi.com's password:
fusermount: failed to open /dev/fuse: No such file or directory
[H:arris] ls -al /dev/fuse
ls: /dev/fuse: No such file or directory

The sshfs command above ought to work. What am I missing? It looks
like it's some fundamental problem with fuse???

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