firefox locking up on certain web sites

gismo at gismo at
Wed Oct 18 22:33:39 UTC 2006

On Wed 18 October 2006 23:19, gismo at wrote:
> On Wed 18 October 2006 20:21, Bry Melvin wrote:
> > I just tried it and get the "need a plugin" notice
> >
> > menu strip has below the logo has a java applet on the
> > right hand side
> >
> > Your problem is probably related to your Java and that
> > applet as the page loads normally without Java
> > installed
> >
> > Bryann
> Right I had a feeling java might have something to do with it I
> have tried it with swiftfox and the standard kubuntu
> install which is the same version running on a t43p.
> I will try it now with the java off. Trouble to update my profile
> on line with them ,I need the java running.
> steve

Thanks that's got me in the right direction.
I found that with java enabled it locks up but with java disabled and 
javascript enabled it runs fine and I can update the forms which is 
Now  to figure out if I have screwed up the java install or is it that 
version of firefox.


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