adding a debian repository

Jeremy Anderson jeremy at
Thu Oct 19 13:56:06 BST 2006

Thanks for the info.  I am still messed up here so I decided why not send the 
link to help you help me... lol...

It is the debian package at the very bottom that I am trying to get but 
through a repository.  

I am normally not this dumb but for some reason apt-get update keeps wanting 
to put an extra /dist/ in there.

On Wednesday 18 October 2006 15:09, Derek Broughton wrote:
> Jeremy Anderson wrote:
> > how would I make the following into a repository in kubuntu dapper.  I
> > know how to manipulate the sources file but for some reason I can't get
> > this to work as a repository
> > I know that I wouldn't put the *.deb in it...
> >
> > here is an example of what I tried:
> >
> > deb sarge main
> That won't work (but you knew that :-) ).
> A debian-type distro source looks like:
> deb http://PATH/ VERSION [section-list]
> where 'VERSION' is something like sarge or dapper, and 'section list' is a
> space separated list of sections (e.g., 'main restricted universe').
> That translates to urls like:
>  http://PATH/dists/VERSION/main/
> and
>  http://PATH/dists/VERSION/universe/
> so the problem is that you need a path with "/dists/" in it.  iirc, I've
> seen something constructed to produce a URL like:
> by using a source of:
> deb ../debian main
> HTH!
> --
> derek
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