Mouse vertical scroll over Flash, not working

Bry Melvin brymelvin at
Mon Oct 16 21:20:40 UTC 2006

--- Eduard Bonet <bonedu at> wrote:

> Has anyone experienced that in Firefox and
> Konqueror, one can not start
> vertical scroll with the mouse wheel when the cursor
> is just over a flash?
> I am using Edgy but this also happened with Dapper.
> And a guy in another
> list confirmed me this strange thing, but had no
> explanation for it.
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Yes: the code in flash if you hover over it causes it
to overide other things.

If you use Flashblock extension it will cause the icon
seen instead of the flash to change to an arrow, but
I'm not on a machine with flashblock today so I'm not
sure if this will restore other function.

This is handy for advertisers using flash but a
nuisance for everyone else.

Personally I've started blocking adservers to cut down
on the nuisance factors.


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