Is an update to Edgy recommended?

Bry Melvin brymelvin at
Sat Oct 14 17:52:51 UTC 2006

--- Robert Tilley <tilleyrw at> wrote:

> While loving to live on the "bleeding edge", I also
> appreciate a measure of 
> stability (or the shadow of) in my applications.
> Has Edgy made enough development progress for an
> upgrade?  Would I be risking 
> a total machine meltdown or merely some broken apps?
> Thanks, Bob
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What are you using the computer for?

Most of my PCs are for work I do.

That's what the "LTS" in 6.06 is about.

I anticipate keeping that for the full 3 year life

On the other hand on my ibook, however 606 doesn't
work as well as 5.04 did 

Still have no useable sleep .
5.04 had a kludge to make this work partially
5.10 the kludge didin't work
6.06 sleep worked but reset the clock to 1982

so I'm hoping 6.10 does better :-)

if your computer is for work I'd say don't fix what
isn't broke.

Bleeding edge is nice sometimes I stay ther with
Scribus...but often it may be better to just use the
APP that you want bleeding edge and leave the OS at a
stable version


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