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Brendan spake thusy:
> On Thursday 12 October 2006 10:38, John DeCarlo wrote:
>> I think the user community should stand up and say - we want the real
>> Firefox, not some bizarro-world version put out by Debian, Ubuntu, X,
>> Y, or Z.
> You live on bizzarro world I think. Distributors are encouraged to add their 
> own links, etc. to applications to make it feel more "customized". It's not 
> like you are being tricked. Give me a break. Please, stop armchair 
> quarterbacking here.

But replacing a well-known, popular and downright "jazzy" icon with a a
globe (which is the Firefox logo, sans-fox) is just asinine if you ask me.

It's a very popular, well-designed piece of artwork that is as much a
part of Firefox as is tabbed browsing and extensions.

KDE, GNOME, XFCE and their respective logos are registered trademarks as
well.  You don't see Debian or Ubuntu messing with their default
artwork.  Even with customized themes.  The defaults are still
available.  In the case of Firefox they aren't.

There are instructios in the Ubuntu Forums on how to replace the Ubuntu
default Firefox and Thunderbird logos with the original.

Firefox is a very popular program and my expeirnce has been that most
new Linux users were using it in Windows.  They would expect to see
their favorite web browser with it's familiar icon.

We're not being tricked.  We're just the victims of stupid politics.

On the other hand, I'm not happy with Kubuntu crippling KDE features.
But at least they (only recently) show you how to uncripple them.

Of course hopefully they'll add

"$ sudo rm /.hidden /media/.hidden"

to the FAQ as well. It's a new "feature" in Edgy that many users will
become quite irritated with very quickly.

Customize all you you want Linux distros. It is Open Source, but don't
remove/cripple/mess with *common* and popular features/programs that
*users* have come to *expect*.

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