Active X emulation in Konq?

anthony baldwin anthonybaldwin at
Fri Oct 13 16:21:26 UTC 2006

Ylan Segal wrote:

>anthony baldwin wrote:
>>I am faced with losing a rather lucrative translation contract, if I
>>can´t access a site that is requiring IE5 or ¨better¨
>>I have set Konqueror to identify as IE6, but the site still tells me
>>that I can not access all featuers
>>(which I need to do), without setting Active X enabled and listing the
>>site as ¨Trusted¨.
>>I´m at a loss.
>>I had thought it was possible to run IE with wine, but I am unable to DL
>>IE, without
>>¨validating my windows installation¨, which, of course, I don´t even have.
>>I need this work.
>You can try crossover office ( It lets me run IE 6
>reasonably well. The license does cost some money, but you can download a
>30 day trial and see if it suits your needs and the price is right for you. 
Yeah, but I can´t download IE.
The Microsoft site demands Windows verification to initiate the 
download, even.



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