Active X emulation in Konq?

Scott geekboy at
Fri Oct 13 21:02:44 BST 2006

", "anthony baldwin spake thusy);:
> Hi,
> I am faced with losing a rather lucrative translation contract, if I 
> can´t access a site that is requiring IE5 or ¨better¨
> I have set Konqueror to identify as IE6, but the site still tells me 
> that I can not access all featuers
> (which I need to do), without setting Active X enabled and listing the 
> site as ¨Trusted¨.
> I´m at a loss.
> I had thought it was possible to run IE with wine, but I am unable to DL 
> IE, without
> ¨validating my windows installation¨, which, of course, I don´t even have.
> I need this work.
> Any ideas?

I've got a few ideas.

1) Try Firefox instead of Konqueror.  There is an ActiveX plugin for
Firefox (although I'm not sure if it's compatible with the Linux version
of Firefox).  I've not used it myself, just because of my aversion to
ActiveX in general.

2) Get Wine Tools.  It comes with an older IE 6 Downloader that doesn't
require you to "validate your Windows installation"

Unfortunately, (unlike in Fedora Core) there is no Wine Tools
Debian/Ubuntu package.

There is a tarball though (I think it's source - I'm not sure).

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