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Nigel Ridley nigel at rmk.co.il
Tue Oct 10 20:22:48 BST 2006

Dotan Cohen wrote:
> On 08/10/06, Nigel Ridley <nigel at rmk.co.il> wrote:
>> Dotan Cohen wrote:
>>> I have an HP 4255 All-in-One Scanner/Fax/Printer. The printer
>>> functions work great. How can I scan an image with the device? I've
>>> never scanner in either windows or Linux. Thanks.
>>> Dotan Cohen
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>> Shalom Dotan,
>> We recently had a HP all_in_one and all that was needed to scan was to
>> open 'Xsane' (it's located under 'Graphics' in the 'K' Menu).
>> Blessings,
>> Nigel
> Thanks. I open Xsame, but when I press the "scan" button on the
> scanner, I get this on the scanner's lcd display:
> "You need to install or run device software for feature. Press OK to continue."
> Dotan Cohen
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> http://song-lirics.com/

You will need to use Xsane to initiate the scanning rather than the 
'onbard' buttons on the HP device.



P.S. Does it have 'card slots' for your digital camera memory cards? It 
works great for printing direct from the unit (but you still need to 
'safely remove' (you will get a USB device icon on your desktop) from 
the desktop though.


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