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Subject: Re: Is it possible to share HOME between Edgy and Dapper
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Thilo Six wrote:

> Eduard wrote the following on 03.10.2006 16:23:
>> I have Edgy beta running in one partition, with home directory in
>> another one. Can i install dapper in another partition and share home
>> directory with Edgy (of course given dapper a different user name than
>> with Edgy)?
>> Thanks again in advance.
> IMHO it is not a good idea to share the home between them,
> because there a new program versions in edgy which will change most
> proabaly the files at first start.
> If you use then the dapper version again ... well this will lead surely
> to problems.

Since he's going to use different users, I don't see a problem.  It should
work fine.

I got it! Two different users, one for Edgy and one for Dapper, and they can
share the partition for home.Just one thing, to me strange: when i run Edgy,
the folder of Dapper's user owns to the Edgy's user, and viceversa.
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