after breezy->dapper upgrade, can't boot

ARTHUR ALEXION art.alexion at
Sat Oct 7 17:38:28 UTC 2006

I put this upgrade off for a while; just had a feeling
it would go badly.

Originally warty from CD.  Upgraded via apt-get
dist_upgrade to hoary.  6-10 months later, upgraded
via apt-get dist_upgrade to breezy.  All well but,
wanted the newer apps.

This time apt-get dist_upgrade  was stubborn.  Had to
manually remove some packages and run apt-get -f
install many times, then install "held back" packages
with apt-get install held_back_packagename.  Then had
to manually run apt-get install kubuntu_desktop. 
Finally looked like all was well.

But now won't complete init.  

System will boot from /dev/hda  gets to initializing
root file system in graphical boot screen, then falls
to char mode with many Segment Faults! and finally
complains that /dev/hda2 (root file system partition)
does not exist and I get a default prompt with few
built in commands.

When booting from Kubuntu or Knoppix live CDs
everything is OK on hda2.

Help, please.

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