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Fri Oct 6 17:21:25 UTC 2006

Dave wrote:

> You all brought up great points! The main reason I want "su" vs. 
> "sudo" is for security. Admittedly, I do not have a deep understanding 
> of how sudo works but I came from a FreeBSD environment and have only 
> just started using Ubuntu recently. While a lot of things are 
> different to me, I do not understand the need to give applications in 
> x, access to sudo. I feel that if I want to run a series of tools that 
> require extra privileges, it is simple enough to su to root and be 
> done with it. I would however, love to hear how the security of sudo 
> is coming along, perhaps my concerns seem silly to you guys.

I have just recently come to Kubuntu from Fedora, myself, and am used to 
using SU, and a bit unclear as the supposed
advantages of sudo, as well.  So, it´s not a silly question at all.
I´m following this thread with great interest.
It really seems to me that when my user account password is what I use 
for sudo, that it would be less secure.
So, I find it all a bit confusing...


> Thanks again for all your replies :-)
> ~keep on hackin
> On 10/6/06, *Daniel Pittman* <daniel at 
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>     Dave <dsterken at <mailto:dsterken at>> writes:
>     > I would like to be able to disable the SUDO command and enable
>     SU but
>     > I can't find the conf files for it, would someone be so kind as to
>     > point me in the right direction?
>     Enable use of su(1) is reasonable, but Ubuntu may not work as well as
>     you would hope if you disable sudo(8) -- not least of which because it
>     is used internally to obtain root access with a number of the GUI
>     administrative tools.
>     To enable su(1) to work simply set a password for your root user.  You
>     can then use that password to log in as root no matter what mechanism,
>     including su.
>     Now, the real question here is *why* you want to do
>     this?  Obviously you
>     have some reason for wanting to replace sudo with su, and if you share
>     it with us there may turn out to be a better way to address your
>     problem.
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