Edgy Beta Report

Eduard Bonet bonedu at gmail.com
Fri Oct 6 10:24:47 UTC 2006

Hi Irena,

Try creating the file /etc/apt/preferences with the following content (in
the example, firefox instead of openoffice)

Package: firefox
Pin: version
Pin-Priority: 1000

What i don't know is how to erase the icon of Adept Notifier.

2006/10/6, Irena and Richard Jenkins <richard.jenkins at internode.on.net>:
> I am using Edgy (Beta) on this iMac ... and am generally very impressed!!
> There's plenty of daily downloads of 'fixes' as you might expect ... but
> everything seems to be working on my desktop.
> This old iMac is a bit slow so I dropped OpenOffice off the desktop ...
> replacing it with the slightly faster (and smaller)  KOffice suite.  Ever
> since then my Adept updater has been trying to re-install the
> OpenOffice.  I
> get around this problem by using 'apt-get update' in a terminal ...    Has
> anyone else noticed this behaviour??
> I managed to get a softphone downloaded and installed  ... 'Twinkle'.
> Definitely worth a try if you have broadband!  For me KPhone produced
> unacceptable noise (?feedback?) although it did work  i.e. it would dial
> out.
> Maybe I needed to use a handset ... but this iMac has builtin mixc and
> speakers.
> Can't wait for the release version...
> Richard
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