Edgy's new startup scripts

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Fri Oct 6 18:38:11 BST 2006

Howard Coles Jr. wrote:

> I have read that Edgy uses a different style of startup scripting, more
> event based.  I haven't used it, so I'm not familiar with how wonderful it
> really is.  

It _can_ (upstart isn't installed by default); I have; and it is :-)

> My question is are we now going to have to learn a new 
> non-standardized startup method for every distro we may want to use?

If it's as good as it seems, everybody will be using upstart :-)  (well
maybe not everybody).

> I understand this method may be far superior to sysvinit style scripting,
> However, I'm afraid that if we have 100 distros all using different forms
> of startup scripting we'll wind up with a very unpopular OS from an app
> development perspective.

I expect it will always have the sysvinit compatibility mode (at least until
everyone drops sysvinit.  Personally, if I have the choice of starting an
app from /etc/init.d/ or event based, I'm going to choose event-based every
time.  None of this stupid alphabetic ordering - Tomcat will start when
Apache is _up_.

> I have also not read anything about this being 
> LSB certified

Ho hum...  Even if LSB was desirable, it's way too early for that.  Nothing
in Edgy, or even in the next release of Ubuntu, will require you to use

> Also, were would one find a good set of "howtos" on doing any
> customization of this new style?
I don't think it's that far yet...

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