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D. R. Evans doc.evans at
Fri Oct 6 15:49:20 BST 2006

Rob Blomquist said the following at 10/05/2006 09:31 PM :
> On Thursday 05 October 2006 08:40, D. R. Evans wrote:
>> I installed tmpreaper yesterday, and configured it (or so I thought)
>> to delete files with a ctime > 30 days from the /tmp tree.
>> But this morning there are still lots of files with ctime > 30 days
>> present in the /tmp tree...
>> So:
>> 1. How do I figure out what time of day the jobs in cron.daily are run?
> Well, cron takes care of the jobs in cron-daily, you should not edit it. What 
> you want to do is edit the root crontab file for system wide processes, and a 
> user crontab for user processes.

I understand all that. I didn't edit anything in cron.daily. When I
installed tmpreaper it installed a file in that directory. Since I see no
indication that tmpreaper is actually being run, though, I wanted to know
when the files in cron.daily are supposed to be run.

> For more on this, you can read the manpage for cron or crontab. Or go to one 
> of the 86 million pages that show how to properly code cron commands. I 
> always put the code in a top line of each crontab, so I don't need to see it 
> every time I want to edit a crontab.

No no no. I know how to use cron :-) I just want to know how cron decides
that it's time to run the files in cron.daily. I can't find that info
anywhere I've looked. Which obviously means that I haven't looked in the
right place or come up with the right google search :-)

>> 2. How do I find the output from the jobs that are run in cron.daily?
> Read up on cron, either in the man pages or on the web. If you have a 
> functioning smtp server, cron can send an email every time it runs a job with 
> the output from that job. 

Yes, I know how to set up a cron job myself and how to put the uotput
somewhere (including e-mailing it to myself). What I don't know is where
cron puts the output in the absence of me doing anything.

So, to summarize...

1. I installed tmpreaper.
2. The process of installing tmpreaper puts a tmpreaper file in cron.daily.
So therefore tmpreaper is going to be run once per day, at some unknown time.
3. I edited /etc/tmpreaper.conf so that when tmpreaper runs, it should do
what I want.
4. But tmpreaper doesn't seem to be running. At least, the files aren't
being deleted. So I want to find out if tmpreaper really is being run, and,
if so, what the output is. But I don't know when it's supposed to be
running, or where it's supposed to be putting its output.

Hope that makes my questions clearer.


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