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Howard Coles Jr. dhcolesj at
Wed Oct 4 01:17:07 UTC 2006

On Tuesday 03 October 2006 1:56 am, Gunner wrote:
> I use backupmanager for that. it's easy to set up, supports ssh, ftp, rsync
> and
> has a sceduler for setting up when to do what.
> Not specific for tunderbird, though...
> /gunner

> > >     how can i archive in thunderbird any one can help me???

What you want to do is take old email and save it offline for retrieval in the 
future if you want to.  I'm not sure why Archiving email was not understood 
but that's a technical description.

I would like to know a fast way to do that with Kmail as well.

Every email package ought to have a way to save off old email, say anything 
older than 90 days, to an "Archive" package or whatever, so that can be 
burned to CD or just left on the drive.  However, once archived it would not 
be in the live email directories or Databases.  If you have ever used 
GroupWise its called an "Archive" because it essentially is the same 
directory and db structure as the live system.  I believe Outlook uses 
a ".pst" file, and Lotus Notes uses a "local" database.

See Ya'
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