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Karl Goetz kamping_kaiser at
Wed Oct 4 00:59:34 UTC 2006

Jeff Yowell wrote:
> None of the instructions within that document correspond to anything  
> resembling an Ubuntu disk formatting screen. I too am looking for  
> instructions on how to fix the MBR.  Does anyone know where I can  
> find any?
> On Oct 3, 2006, at 3:30 PM, SteVe Cook wrote:
>> Maurice O'Connor wrote:
>>> Kubuntu has the very nice feature of looking for other OS and  
>>> including
>>> them in the boot menu.  However if I install another OS and don't
>>> install it's boot loader, the new OS won't show in the menu.  Is  
>>> there a
>>> way to run the boot loader without re-installing kubuntu?
>> Yes,
>> SteVe

try here

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