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I know of two ways to fix the MBR.  I requires a bit of faith to get past 
the dire warnings.
Both require the presence of XP or Win2k on the PC, and I have used them 
only after removing Ubuntu or Kubuntu from my PC during my experiments with 
Linux systems dual booted with Windows.  I have not repaired the MBR with 
Ubuntu or Kubuntu installed.

I chance upon this method when removing Ubuntu or Kubuntu from my PC.
The only way I know is to use a partition manager in Windows (Partition 
Magic or Paragon Partition Manager) to delete the linux partitions.  When 
this has been done. the PC will not boot because the MBR is wrong.

Boot the PC with an XP or Win2k installation CD.  Choose Repair Console (R). 
If asked which windows system, choose [1]; if asked type the administrators 
password (if working without one, just press Enter).  When the command 
prompt appears, type FIXMBR, then press Enter.  You will have to confirm 
with a [Y] that you accept the warning, and the job is done.  The PC should 
then boot to windows and all trace of Ubuntu or Kubuntu is gone.

Generally, I use Partition Magic afterwards to inspect the partitions on the 
hard drive.  On one occasion only, it could not see the drive properly 
because of some error in the MBR, although XP opened and ran correctly.  I 
have a free copy of Paragon Partition Manager from a magazine cover disk. 
When that was installed and run in XP, it could see the partition structure. 
Moreover, it has a facility to Repair MBR.  I took a chance and it worked.

I hope this helps.  Also, if anybody can provide a simpler method of 
uninstalling Ubuntu or Kubuntu, I'd be very grateful.


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> Jeff Yowell wrote:
>> None of the instructions within that document correspond to anything
>> resembling an Ubuntu disk formatting screen. I too am looking for
>> instructions on how to fix the MBR.  Does anyone know where I can
>> find any?
>> On Oct 3, 2006, at 3:30 PM, SteVe Cook wrote:
>>> Maurice O'Connor wrote:
>>>> Kubuntu has the very nice feature of looking for other OS and
>>>> including
>>>> them in the boot menu.  However if I install another OS and don't
>>>> install it's boot loader, the new OS won't show in the menu.  Is
>>>> there a
>>>> way to run the boot loader without re-installing kubuntu?
>>> Yes,
>>> SteVe
> try here
> kk
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