Is it possible to share HOME between Edgy and Dapper

Thilo Six T.Six at
Tue Oct 3 16:52:58 UTC 2006

Eduard wrote the following on 03.10.2006 16:23:
> I have Edgy beta running in one partition, with home directory in 
> another one. Can i install dapper in another partition and share home 
> directory with Edgy (of course given dapper a different user name than 
> with Edgy)?
> Thanks again in advance.

IMHO it is not a good idea to share the home between them,
because there a new program versions in edgy which will change most
proabaly the files at first start.

If you use then the dapper version again ... well this will lead surely
to problems.

Instead of sharing i would just plain copy the files over to the edgy
home. An other advantage you still have your dapper-profile in place,
like a backup.
If something went wrong you can use it again, just copy it over again.

bye Thilo
i am on Ubuntu 2.6 KDE
- some friend of mine

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