DigiKam and ACL

Bjarne Wichmann Petersen kubuntu at mekanix.dk
Wed Oct 4 07:52:05 BST 2006

On Tuesday 03 October 2006 23:06, Toby Dickenson wrote:
> Bjarne Wichmann Petersen wrote:
> > DigiKam *insists* on not allowing anyone but the owner write-access for
> > any files it creates.
> Which files in particular?
> > You must have done something else to make DigiKam behave. ;-)
> Interesting.

I got a step further. DigiKam *doesn't* remove permission-bit. It just keeps 
the bits from the original. So if a files "test.jpg" have the following 

test.jpg	-rwxr-xr-x

When I import this file into DigiKam, the permission-bits are the same (though 
the group have changed).

So when the original has "-rwxrw-r-x" the imported pictures will have this as 

This is how it's done i konqueror and with cp as well, so I guess that is how 
it's supposed to be with linux.

My camera gets mounted as a USB mass-storage device, with the 
default-permission: "-rwx-r-x-r-x".

So to me it looks like I have no choice but changing the permissions manually 
each time I import new pictures into DigiKam.

So again, how do you do it? Do you have any scripts running to automagically 
change permission, or when you import your pictures from your camera, are 
they already with the umask=664?


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