Adept headaches

Orjan Sinclair o.sinclair at
Tue Oct 3 12:14:53 UTC 2006

Will try and explain my problem to the best of my knowledge.

I have installed Klamav antivirus and it runs just fine. Unfortunately I 
chose to let it try and update Clamav, the underlying system. This did 
not work due to stuff such as "make" missing. And now these 3-4 packages 
are "blocking" Adept. Every update I do (or install) be it via Adept or 
apt-get I get an error that the installation failed even though most of 
the time that is not correct. It is just these very irrititaing packages 
"in the way".

have run "sudo apt-get -f install" and
sudo dpkg --configure -a

with no luck. Any help appreciated,

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