K3b is toast right now.

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Tue Oct 3 15:45:47 BST 2006

Alastair Preston wrote:

> On Sunday 01 October 2006 23:35, Rob Blomquist wrote:
>> Last time I used it, it worked great, but today, for some unknown reason
>> it will not even load its GUI on my machine.
>> I used to use the CL to figure out what was bugging a program that would
>> not load. But since Ubuntu is configured to not allow that, I have no
>> idea how to fix up k3b.
> BTW, to get to a root console with Kubuntu, you can either create a root
> password with "sudo passwd root" then use su as in other distros,  or just
> use "sudo su"

k3b doesn't need to run as root, and _shouldn't_ be run as root (at times,
with various kernels, it - or one of the helper programs - would even
refuse to work if it was suid root). You should, however, be a member of
the cdrom group. 

Second, Ubuntu is very definitely configured to give you a "CL".  Just go to
the K menu, System > Terminal Program (Konsole).

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