Re Re Kubuntu 6.10 beta-desktop i386-has Alzeimers for Xwindow settings

Rod Lovett rodlovett at
Tue Oct 3 00:14:23 UTC 2006

I mentioned  Kubuntu 6.10 beta -desktop-i386 having Alzeimers for its 
X-window graphics settings, giving only 640x480 resolution after a cold 
boot, a serious bug do you not agree?

Also Kubuntu LTS suffers Alzeimers for its power settings to shut down 
your monitor after cold booting.
So in LTS the monitor blazes away all day unless you rermember to 
configure it each time, and unless one removes screensavers the display 
freezes too in some conflict with the power settings, nuisance, not so 
serious I guess.

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