DigiKam and ACL

Bjarne Wichmann Petersen kubuntu at mekanix.dk
Sun Oct 1 21:17:16 UTC 2006


I'd like to have a folder shared between my wife and me, containing our 
DigiKam albums.

This means I need a shared folder where we both have rw access to all files 
and subdirectories. And any created files and subdirectorie would inherit 
those filepermissions.

I looked like ACL would be the solution, by setting a default ACL for the 
shared folder. Ie:

setfacl -d -m u:wife:rw sharedfolder/

But it looks like DigiKam is overruling the default ACL from imported pictures 
by removing any writeaccess for all except the owner.

Does anyone have an idea how to solve this?


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