Recovering deleted files

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Sun Oct 1 00:42:36 UTC 2006

On 01/10/06, Tez <binary_y2k2 at> wrote:
> I know that feeling, recently I accidentally deleted a backup image I
> made of a disk, not good. A google later and I found that same quote, AHH.
> I was able to find 1 piece of software that says it can recover deleted
> files in Ext3 [1] but it only runs on windows (WTF, i know). So I have a
> PC with XP on it, that the not so smart people in my family use, so I
> installed the software on that. I took the HDD out of my linux PC and
> put it in to the windows one and it found some deleted files
> (150,368,562 to be exact), after a good 6 hour scan, but didn't show
> names, only inode numbers. I tryed to recover some, but I couldn't find
> the one I was after. I finally gave up, partly because it was looking
> less and less likely that I was going to find the file, but mostly
> because I was getting so sick of working on windows I was about to go
> for a sledge-hammer.
> If you do decide to try the software there are some things you need to know,
> 1. It's not free, it costs $79
> 2. It only runs on windows, and it has to be windows not wine
> 3. It's going to take hours; it took 6 on my 170GB HDD
> 4. There is no guaranty that you will recover all, if any, of the data.
> [1]
> Tez

I saw this. The neighbor's winbox is here next to me if I had decided
to go that route. I'm happy that I can return his computer to him
without having needed it... I don't need to hear him laughing how I
needed a winbox to fix my linux machine...


Dotan Cohen

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