kontact crashes every start

claydoh claydoh at claydoh.com
Wed Nov 29 22:56:29 UTC 2006

On Wednesday 29 November 2006 10:05 am, claydoh at claydoh.com wrote:
> On Tuesday 28 November 2006 09:11, Th. Amberger wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I use Kubuntu 6.06 and kontact for my mails. I changed a button in the
> > navigation-bar (mark as spam) and now kontact crashes every start. When I
> > start kmail directly, it works fine.
> > Has anyone any idea where I can change the navigation-bar without
> > starting kontact ?
> I had a the same problem way back in hoary/breezy, but I will have to dig
> up the fix when I get home later tonight. It is definitely related to the
> buttons, I think it is in ~/.kde/share/config/kontactrc or simiilar but I
> am not sure without having Kubuntu available to me until I get out of work
> :(
> Clay Weber
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I cannot find/remember the fix I used, but looking at it, I might suggest 
opening kmail standalone, removing the spam buttons and the spam-related 
filters and trying that, if that helps then you might be safe in re-running 
the spam wizard to reinstall the buttons and filters
Clay Weber

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