Cannot remove flash memory

Nigel Ridley nigel at
Wed Nov 29 19:27:32 UTC 2006

Dotan Cohen wrote:
> On 29/11/06, O. Sinclair <o.sinclair at> wrote:
>> Rob Blomquist wrote:
>>> On Tuesday 28 November 2006 21:17, Dotan Cohen wrote:
>>>> Whenever I need to remove flash memory (USB disk on key, SD card in
>>>> USB card reader, etc) I right click the desktop icon for the device,
>>>> and click "remove safely". At that point, the icon disappears, but the
>>>> LED on the USB unit turns on, and never turns off. So I cannot remove
>>>> the device. I must power the computer off in order to remove it. What
>>>> can I do to resolve this issue? I'm on Ubuntu 6.10 with the KDE
>>>> desktop.
>>> I don't use it.
>>> Just see that all programs are shut down that were accessing the drive, and
>>> remove it. the remove safely stuff is to allow novices not to corrupt it,
>>> under both Winders and Linux.
>>> Rob
>> I disagree slightly with Rob here. In my experience many files do not
>> get written to the USB flash until you actually do "Safely Remove", that
>> could also explain activity on the flash memory after hitting "Safely
>> Remove". If it is a lot of files or a big files it can take time.
>> Many times I copied files, pulled the usb out and moved to another PC
>> only to find the files were never actually copied - despite being
>> visible in Konqueror.
>> Sinclair
> That is correct- the files do not get written until I do "Remove
> Safely". Then the led stays on until I reboot the machine- I have even
> let it sit overnight to see if it would finish. This is with all
> programs closed, even konqueror. I right-click the desktop icon to do
> the removal. So I doubt that anything is accessing the drive.
> Dotan Cohen


If after you have right clicked on the desktop icon and clicked the 
'Remove Safely' option, if you then go to Konqueror > Services (tab on 
the left pane) > Storage Media, is the device still listed as mounted? 
(Before you physically remove the device it will still be listed under 
'Storage Media'). You can right click on the device and if there is an 
option to 'Mount' then you know that it has been unmounted (Safely 
Remove[d]' already.






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