USB automount on Dapper

Silent Ph03nix silentph03nix at
Wed Nov 29 04:39:18 UTC 2006

On Saturday 15 July 2006 08:38, Sam Przyswa wrote:
> Hi,
> After upgrade to Dapper my USB storages doesn't mount anymore, how to
> fix it ?

Has this been resolved?  I'm running KDE 3.5.5 on Ubuntu Dapper (i.e. original 
dapper install loaded kubuntu-desktop with aptitude.)  This was working fine 
for the longest time.  It even seemed there for a while that my naming of my 
usb partitions started working correctly.  I tested today and my USB HD 
mounts correctly under GNOME, doesn't mount at all under KDE.  It sees the 
partitions as it pops up windows asking me what I want to do with them, but 
when I click open in new window.....nothing.  If I drop to a command prompt 
and look at /media, the two partition names are not there and are not 
mounted.  These are NOT listed in my /etc/fstab as this is a 120GB USB HD.  I 
need this to work in KDE again.  If someone would tell me what package to 
file a bug against, I would file a launchpad bug or add to an existing one.


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