USB automount on Dapper

O. Sinclair o.sinclair at
Wed Nov 29 07:42:28 GMT 2006

Silent Ph03nix wrote:
> On Tuesday 28 November 2006 22:39, Silent Ph03nix wrote:
>> On Saturday 15 July 2006 08:38, Sam Przyswa wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> After upgrade to Dapper my USB storages doesn't mount anymore, how to
>>> fix it ?
>> Has this been resolved?  I'm running KDE 3.5.5 on Ubuntu Dapper (i.e.
>> original dapper install loaded kubuntu-desktop with aptitude.)  This was
>> working fine for the longest time.  It even seemed there for a while that
>> my naming of my usb partitions started working correctly.  I tested today
>> and my USB HD mounts correctly under GNOME, doesn't mount at all under KDE.
>>  It sees the partitions as it pops up windows asking me what I want to do
>> with them, but when I click open in new window.....nothing.  If I drop to a
>> command prompt and look at /media, the two partition names are not there
>> and are not mounted.  These are NOT listed in my /etc/fstab as this is a
>> 120GB USB HD.  I need this to work in KDE again.  If someone would tell me
>> what package to file a bug against, I would file a launchpad bug or add to
>> an existing one.
>> Thanks,
> Just as addendum to this, I tested with pmount from the command line and it 
> mounts the partition as expected both with sudo and without.  
Let me tell you that this bug (or whatever causes it) made me give up on 
Dapper and move to Edgy. That I am in many other ways unhappy with but 
that seems stable on this. For me even CDs became unmountable under KDE.

In /media I could see them as root, not my normal user. If that helps 
you. If you sort it let me know.


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