CDs toolkit ?

Earl Violet ejviolet at
Mon Nov 27 02:27:56 UTC 2006

>>I am putting together a toolkit of CDs and DVDs to use when
repairing / 
diagnosticizing PCs.

>>Already on my list:

>>Ultimate Boot Disk
Stress linux live CD
Knoppix live CD
Kubuntu live/install DVD

>>Anyone with an idea of something I should add to my list ?

>>Another thing I need is a boot floppy that allows me to continue
the CD, for PCs that wont boot off a CD.

Gparted. you might want a collection of Live CDs other than knoppix
as sometimes one won't work when another will. I like Ubuntu 4.10
because it will boot on a machine with low memory.

SBM at Sometimes a Windows 98 disk
is nice too.

Good luck,

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