CDs toolkit ?

Glen Cunningham glen20 at
Sun Nov 26 22:29:32 UTC 2006

At 07:19 AM Monday 27/11/06, you wrote:
>I am putting together a toolkit of CDs and DVDs to use when repairing /
>diagnosticizing PCs.
>Already on my list:
>Ultimate Boot Disk
>Stress linux live CD
>Knoppix live CD
>Kubuntu live/install DVD
>Anyone with an idea of something I should add to my list ?
>Another thing I need is a boot floppy that allows me to continue booting with
>the CD, for PCs that wont boot off a CD.
>Any idea how to do this ?
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G'day Ron,
     I think that the project you are looking for is "Smart BootManager" 
(SMB) -  the project homepage is ...

     The last time that I tried it (on a boot floppy), it did allow booting 
from CDs on older BIOSs that did not support CD-ROM booting - very useful.

     WARNING!  The project seems to now be defunct, but the GPL source and 
binaries are still available.


     For every complex problem there is a solution
           which is simple, neat and wrong.

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