Upgrade breaks USB disk automount

Jose Gomez-Dans jgomezdans at gmail.com
Fri Nov 24 19:01:15 UTC 2006


On 11/24/06, Jeffrey Barish <jeff_barish at earthlink.net> wrote:
> Jeffrey Barish wrote:
> > I did the same upgrade. My USB scanner no longer works, although the two
> > USB printers do. The failure occurred without doing log out/in or a
> > reboot, and it persists since rebooting.
> I downgraded the HAL packages.  My problem persists, so at this time it
> appears that my observation does not belong in this thread.

I went back to the older hal packages (the ones with the ubuntu1
rather than ubuntu2 version number). After a reboot, everything has
reveted to normal working order (i.e., it works).If I remember
correctly, these older packages were released with KDE 3.5.5, and
maybe the bug is Kubuntu-specific. I remember this being discussed on
this list not that long ago...Could it be that the changes that went
into the deb I am using (from Jonathan Riddell's KDE 3.5.5 repository)
did not make it into the main ubuntu archive?


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