Kaffeine, craping out...

Richard cms01 at tampabay.rr.com
Fri Nov 24 02:18:15 UTC 2006

Well, just updated to the other day, a bunch of KDE apps, to 3.5.5,
and NOW kaffeine, is having a fit playing .ogg files..

xine: couldn't find demux for >/home/rick/music/Texas_-_Halo.ogg<
xine: found input plugin : file input plugin


Please, I have all the KDE audio and media apps install,
and everything has been fine.. from watch movies, to playing .flac 
or .mp3 .ogg

Please note: Kaffeine can play .flac files, and .mp3 okay, BUT now, it can't
play .ogg files (very odd )


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