Neil Winchurst neil at holsdevon.eclipse.co.uk
Thu Nov 23 18:17:28 UTC 2006

With my previous distro I used digikam for my photos. When I wanted to 
save them to a DVD I used file/export which called up k3b as the burner 
program to use. I had no problems.

Now that I use kubuntu Edgy I am having a problem. Again, file/export to 
DVD in digikam. It all worked and called up k3b as expected. However 
when I tried to start the burn I had problems. It told me that I didn't 
have a DVD in the drive (I did) so I tried clicking on Force to see what 
would happen. It seemed to start and then stopped working. I looked at 
the details and saw that it did not like the version of the kernel that 
I am using (2.6.17-10 generic). It obviously was not going to work.

I then tried running k3b from the menus and asked it to burn the same 
photos. This time it worked and I now have the folder on the DVD.

Two questions -

has anyone else found this problem with digikam/k3b?

Why does the burn work via the menus, but not via digikam?

Neil Winchurst

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