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> >> In one project I work with I plan to install some
> small LANs (3-4 PCs)
> >> on a simple wired network and then have them
> share a dial-up internet
> >> connection (reason being they are far away from
> any broadband and
> >> satellite costs an arm and a leg).
> > 
> >> anyone knows a software or method of achieving
> this as "support-free" as
> >> possible? meaning that if one PC calls for
> internet access the connected
> >> PC should call and then hang up when all is
> finished without human
> >> intervention.
> > 
> > If you can install a firewall box with IPCop on
> it, it will happily dials on 
> > demand for the whole network.
> >  
> Extra box = extra costs. We are talking small
> budgets here, I should 
> have clarified that.
> Sinclair
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hmm small budgets I can identify with that.

Here's our dialup setup on a rural ranch:

an old P1 166 as a gateway
at the beginning of the day it's started with pon with
a twenty minute hangup setting and firestarter 

other machines have that set as a gateway.

Some machines also have standalone capability with
modems should the bandwith be needed (we have six
phone lines)

I'll probably get slammed for this but we've had the
best luck doing this with MSN

MSn dialup works fine we get 33.6 which is the max you
can expect as far out as we are.

MSN allows 5 users...so multiple phone lines can be
used at the same time if necessary. AT NO EXTRA

the drawback to MSN is you are stuck with webmail as
MSN blocks other smtp.

There are no available instructions for MSN without
msn software but setting up with msn/username works

also if you have a handful of computers it's not worth
setting up DHCP etc...just use 3 or four common DNS
servers and fixed IP addresses for the machines in the
private range  (like 192.168.0.x )

Using more than 2 DNS servers gives the time for the
modem to connect.

eg the phone is hung up...you request a page on the
web...ppp starts dialing and the default 30 second
timeout for each dns comes into play and one works
before your machine quits working.

Oh and the gateway can be an old useless machine. I'm
using an old Deskpro as it has no fan to die on the
CPU. I run Xubuntu on that as it's too slow for KDE or
Gnome...I DO have 256 mb of memory on it though. get
the altenate CD for an old machine install like this
or it takes forever though.

Automatic dialing when shut off is simple...getting
things to hang up is not..,

Any utilities like Yahoo toolbar checking for
mail...autoupdates on various programs etc will often
keep the modem from hanging up.

You need to disable any auto features. Watch refresh
settings on browsers too...they will keep the modem
from hanging up if left open. KDE is 'FULL of little
things that may try to access the internet...even
playing a music CD (ccdb) All of these will keep the
modem from hanging up.

Hope this helps


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