HIbernate - was Re: kernel boot up problems

O. Sinclair o.sinclair at gmail.com
Tue Nov 21 03:55:23 UTC 2006

D. Michael McIntyre wrote:
> On Monday 20 November 2006 7:00 am, Tchize wrote:
>> wait for 10 minutes. The only difference is that i get some text before
>> the pause.
> This is a difference though.  What does the text *say*?
> Probably something or other is trying to configure itself, and timing out 
> after waiting some interval for a piece of hardware to respond.  There are a 
> lot of possibilities here, and you could narrow it down by noting what the 
> text is just before it hangs.
> You might get past the hang faster by typing Ctrl+C right there too.  That 
> often works.
>> Well i installed edgy at a friends, on a old computer, everything went
>> well. I was happy to discover the working 'hibernate' shutdown on
>> desktops (the main reason i upgraded from dapper at home). I will see
>> later this evening if the wakeup from hibernate prevents the big pause.
> Linux finally has a hibernate function?!  I'll have to investigate this!
Just remember that it depends on having a swapfile 2 * RAM size


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