Efax - postscript problem

john d. herron paradox.herron at bluewin.ch
Sat Nov 18 13:47:07 UTC 2006

Hi, all, from an absolute greenhorn.
Installed and configured efax-gtk: now trying to send a fax with it
The app's help file states: "Sending faxes - Before sending a fax, it 
(the name of the file to be faxed) must be specified in the "Fax to 
send" box. /It must be in postscript format /(/a format produced by all 
Unix/Linux word and document processors/), and will be converted by the 
program into the correct tiffg3 fax format."
There's this OpenOffice Writer document (.odt) I'd like to fax to a 
computerless friend: but nowhere do I see an option to re-save the 
document as a postscript (.ps) file. What am I overlooking?

Any help will be thankfully appreciated
kubuntu 6.06 LTS, i586, 512 MB


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