Wireless setup

KepalaLinux kepalalinux at alltel.net
Fri Nov 17 15:22:18 UTC 2006

Someone set up a wireless connection for me Dell Latitude. I need help
configuring it to my home network.

He used the KWiFi configuration manager. I open the KWiFiManager
program, click on Setting, Configuration. There are two tabs - Vendor 1
set up for  my work's guestnet (untrusted). It has the work network
name, the Autodetect interface is grayed out, Operation mode is Ad-Hoc.
On the general settings tab, the "Load preset configuration on startup
is NOT selected. However, the Configuration to Load is set to config 1,
the second tab on the Control Module. The Config 1 is configured for me
home network.

Question 1... I am assuming that I use KWiFi Manager to set up my home
account. Can anyone tell me how to do that?

Question 2... What is the relationship between the KWiFi setting up a
connection in the System/Administration/Networking section. I have also
set up a Location there with my home network but I cannot connect to my
home network.

I'm a frustrated new user. Please HELP!


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