Syncing Kmail with laptop (Vayu)

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That's a very interesting question ,
I am using Thunderbird also but it will works with Kmail.
I am receiving all my emails in a server (running Kubuntu of course) 
with Thunderbird.
than to read or write email, I access to the server (let's say your 
desktop) using vncviewer from any computer around the word.  You have to 
use the Desktop sharing feature of KDE. All my email stay in the server. 
I'll soon use NX which is supposed to be better than VNC.

Now to go back to your specific question using rsync to synchronize your 
email directory , I never test it , but it should work. you can also use 
Unison for that.

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> Dotan Cohen wrote:
>> I may be getting mymelf a laptop, and I'd like to be able to check my
>> mail from either the laptop or the desktop and resync them when I get
>> home. I download my mail from several POP3 servers and I'd rather not
>> leave the mail on the server after I've downloaded it to one of the
>> machines. Is there an elegant solution for syncing the mail between
>> two systems, or must I rsync the /.kde/share/apps/kmail directory?
>> Note that I plan on using the entire Kontact suite soon, and I'd liek
>> to have it syncronized between the machines as well. Thanks in
>> advance.
>> Dotan Cohen
> I've been wanting to do it a more sophisticated way using fetchmail and 
> such as others have posted, but I haven't had the time to get it going 
> yet. I also don't have my computers accessible over the web and don't 
> want to.
> I do it using only the client. I'm using Thunderbird, so you would have 
> to figure out the details with kmail.
> I keep my laptop on the local network, it downloads from my various pop 
> accounts using Thunderbird. Then my desktop has Thunderbird pointing 
> it's maildirectory and profile over to the laptop which is mounted as a 
> local share using Samba and fstab. Everything I receive and send stays 
> on the laptop. When I run out of the house with the laptop it has 
> everything on it. When I go back home then my desktop accesses 
> everything I've done while I was gone. (I actually do pretty much the 
> same thing with all my data)
> (I would love to use kmail but my second desktop has windows, I have to 
> use it often and I do the same trick with Thunderbird on that machine. I 
> like kmail better but I haven't found a windows client that can read the 
> kmail files from my laptop.)
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