Kmail Setup Change(?) - Edgy-

Neil Winchurst neil at
Tue Nov 14 11:41:12 UTC 2006

Rebel Lion wrote:
>   Sylpheed is a good program, but just a suggestion slylpheed-claws-gtk2 is 
> the way I would go if I were you. It is more feature rich and its filtering 
> system is more powerful. Note sylpheed will access the usenet too something 
> that kmail doesn't do.
> David

> Thanks for that. For those who don't know Sylpheed, the claws versions are the development ones and so could be a bit iffy. I have never tried any of those versions as the stable versions have always done everything that I needed.
If you look up Sylpheed in Adept you will see that there are many claws 
versions as well as the stable ones, so there is plenty of choice. At 
least have a look at it, you won't be nagged by Kwallet.


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