moz & seamonkey both hosed

Leonard Chatagnier lenc5570 at
Mon Nov 13 16:04:09 UTC 2006

Anthony Baldwin write:
> Hi...
> I don?t know what I did...
> I tried to install some Mozilla Dictionary
> extension...that?s the only 
> thing I can think of...but it did NOT successfully
> install.
> Anyway, since then, the top navigation bar (with:
> file edit view, etc.) 
> is basically gone.  I mean, I can see where it is
> supposed to
> be, but it is way tiny, and none of the menus are
> visible or accessible.
> And the status bar at the bottom now lacks the
> former icons to open 
> moz-mail, composer, address-book, etc.
> Basically, moz is crippled, and lacking important
> function, for which  
> LOVE it.
> I DLed the seamonkey project, to give that a shot,
> anyway, and it is 
> functional, except the status bar on that is
> HUGE, taking up a good two inches of screen real
> estate, which basically 
> sucks.
> Sure, I have Firefox and Thunderbird installed but
> THEY SUCK!  Why?  
> clicking on a mailto: link in Firefox
> does absolutely nothing.  clicking on a link within
> a mail message in 
> Thunderbird does absolutely nothing.
> I would have to go through a lot of annoying copying
> & pasting.  And 
> Firefox doesn?t tell you when Thunderbird has
> received a message, but 
> Moz, while I am reading or working online, tells me
> that new mail has 
> arrived.
> I need all of that functionality for my work, thus,
> I choose to have an 
> integrated browser/mail suite (yeah, I and I
> sometimes
> even use composer for some basic page editing, too. 
> It?s simple and 
> lightweight, has both wysiwyg and html tabs,
> and is integrated with my browser...or was, until
> Moz stopped working).  
> I would get better performance with
> Konq and Kmail, but I don?t like Kmail (I like Konq,
> I?ll admit).
> So...anyway, I?m not here to start a browser war...I
> just want my 
> beloved Mozilla working functionally, or, Seamonkey
> to not have a 2 inch 
> status bar.  Tanto faz.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks
> abra?os
> tony
Hey Tony,

I'm no expert and usually am asking for answers rather
than trying to give it. I've been looking at seamonkey
and it says that you need to uninstall mozilla-suite
before installing seamonkey. It wasn't clear in your
post if you had done that. It sounds like your
mozilla-suite or some aspect of it is broken. In my
case i would have tried a reinstall of mozilla suite
or purge/install to fix mozilla-suite.
Regarding your bookmarks, I don't know this for a
fact, but suspect the file paths are different for
seamonkey than for mozilla-suite.
A little more detail on what you actually did in
installing the extensions and seamonkey may help the
gurus provide more appropriate answers. Since I'm
thinking about installing seamonkey, because moz
browser wont play embedds, I certainly curious as to
what you actually did in detail.

Leonard Chatagnier
lenc5570 at

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