saving a dos file

claudiu vlad claudiu.vlad at
Sun Nov 12 23:44:28 UTC 2006

As long as you have installed kfloppy>

	 Kfloppy is a utility that provides a straightforward graphical means
	 to format 3.5" and 5.25" floppy disks.

you can format a diskette with a msdos readable filesystem.
Then you can mount the disk and simply copy that file on it. Unmount and ready 
to go.

În data de Lun 13 Noi 2006 01:12, Gene Heskett a scris:
> On Sunday 12 November 2006 16:23, Harold Hartley wrote:
> >I am wondering if there is a way to save a dos file from a linux
> >computer to a floppy so that a dos computer can still read the floppy.
> >The file was sent to me via email and I need to use the dos file on the
> >dos computer.
> >The dos computer is not on any type of network or connected to any
> >computer at all..
> >
> >Harold
> use dd for that.
> dd if=input_file of=/dev/fd0 should work.
> --
> Cheers, Gene

There is no place like localhost.

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